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Optical Services


Ross-McDonnell Optical performs comprehensive eye exams that test your vision and look for threatening eye conditions before they become a serious problem. Exams look at peripheral vision, depth perception, muscle reactions and eye pressure as well. Even if you’ve always had great vision, it’s important to get an annual exam to watch out for eye problems and maintain optimal vision.

Eye exams for contact lenses are a little different because we need to measure for the size of the contact lenses. However, once you get your first pair from Ross-McDonnell Optical, we will have a record of the size you need and can skip that step for the next exam


There are conditions and injuries that occur that result in the need for eye surgery. Because of the sensitive and stressful nature of these situations, Ross-McDonnell Optical performs our procedures as soon as possible with expert physicians and technology. We will get your seeing perfectly and feeling yourself again in no time. Meet with us for a consultation.


Ross-McDonnell Optical will fit your glasses to your face when you come in to pick them up. We make sure the nose piece and eye pads are comfortable and that the frames line up with your face correctly. We make the necessary adjustments before you take the glasses home. After an exam for contacts, we have you put in a sample pair with your prescription so you can assess the comfort of the brand you chose and get you familiar with the process of putting contact lenses in. As long as we have your prescription in stock, you can take the sample pair home while waiting for your order to arrive.

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